Toronto, Ontario

About Us


The Biostatistics Union of Graduate Students (BUGS) was founded by biostatistics students for biostatistics students. Our mandate is to represent the interests of the students within our department and the school, as well as to provide a sense of community for our students. Our executive team is made up of student volunteers and our monthly meetings are open to all students who wish to help out.

BUGS and the Biostatistics Division encourage students to have work-life balance. In this respect, BUGS holds various social events throughout the year to encourage students to take some time out of their coursework for a little fun. In the past, we have organized various social events for both the students and faculty, including picnics, potlucks, board game/movie nights and Halloween/holiday parties.

In addition to social events, BUGS organizes a student-led seminar series that is aimed at providing tools that students feel would benefit them. Students are encouraged to suggest ideas for possible seminar topics, as well as to volunteer to present such topics. Our introductory R and SAS seminars, held at the beginning of every school year, are open to all public health graduate students. Since the biostatistics program admits students from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, these seminars aim to teach the basic coding skills needed in our program so that no student feels left behind.

BUGS wishes everyone a great school year, and hopes to see everyone at the next event!

Sean & George, BUGS Co-Presidents

Xinyang (Sean) Feng Co-President

George Stefan Co-President

Eric Sanders Treasurer

Youxue Ren Secretary & Fundraising Co-Chair

Xiaoxuan (Rose) Han Social Co-Chair

Abigail McGrory Social Co-Chair

Shijie Min Social Co-Chair

Yutong Lu Seminar Co-Chair

Jinyu (Irene) Luo Seminar Co-Chair

Yushu Zou Seminar Co-Chair

Mohammad Reza Fahimi Webmaster

Qirui Hou Webmaster

Feifan Xiang Fundraising Co-Chair

Yuqing Liu PHSA PhD Representative

Anastasia Teterina PHSA PhD Representative

Priyonto Saha PHSA MSc Representative

Aoqi Xie PHSA MSc Representative